Traditional Advertising in a Digital Age

Traditional advertising will always have it’s place in a marketing strategy. When I say traditional advertising I mean things like:

-TV Commercials
-Radio Spots
-News paper ads

These more traditional methods are usually lacking a measurable return on investment (ROI). They tend to be a little bit more on the expensive side, so small to medium businesses may not have the budget to do so. Even if they had the budget to do so, it would quickly get eaten up by the expensive nature of the advertising.

We’re now smack in the middle of a “digital age”. More people are taking to the search engines (namely, Google) in order to find what they are looking for. They usually have a problem:

“I have this new website but it needs traffic. I want it to show up on the first page of Google!”

Let’s assume this company is based in Wilmington, NC. They would take to Google and type in something like:

Seo services Wilmington NC – and then they will check out the websites who are showing up on the first page. From the websites that show up, they are going to click somewhere near the top and check out the website. They may return to the search engines and shop around some, but eventually they are going to contact someone they find on the first page.

This seo company in wilmington nc now benefits from ranking on the first page. They are receiving qualified leads because people are typing in exactly what they need into Google.

Now, if this same SEO company had a billboard and a radio spot, there is no guarantee that someone who hears the ad spot, or sees the billboard even needs the service they are providing.

This is fine if you have a huge advertising budget and would like to benefit from the branding of being seen and heard all of the time, but it doesn’t make sense to the smaller company to focus advertising dollars there. Instead that can laser point the types of services they provide and get in front of people looking for their service.

Traditional advertising is mainly for the big boys with big budgets, while digital marketing is much more results driven, and focused on ROI.